12 Stouts to Drink on St. Patrick’s Day (That Aren’t Guinness)

While Guinness is the undeniable icon in a world of Stouts, it’s not the most flavorful or complex beer on the market. The classic Stout has its roots in England. It first emerged in the 1700’s as a way to describe bolder-flavored beers. From there it became an exclusive descriptor of porters and, eventually, its…

Our Latest Experiment

It’s been a stormy couple days here in the Pacific NW. But Renn and I have been staying toasty warm inside and working on something perfectly festive. Thursday morning we put together a new batch of home brew – Spiced Wass-Ale. We started out with a traditional Amber Ale recipe (2.5 gallon batch) and added a…

Fall Update

It’s been a busy couple months for The Tipsy Gnome, but things are starting to calm down a bit and we’re finally getting to enjoy some of this lovely fall weather here in the northwest and get into the spirit of things with a few fun goodies lined up. Next Saturday we’ll be attending the…

Bridal Shower Food

On the menu: Antipasto Skewers Kale Caesar! Individual Pasta Salads Crudités Platter with creamy garden herb and chipotle dips Cranberry Feta Pinwheels Mixed Berry Bruschetta And for party favors, blueberry-lemon mini donuts:

Cheese Plate

Simple cheese plate for two. Cheese selection includes an aged farmhouse cheddar, chai spiced cheese, and Beecher’s No Woman. Served with a Honeycrisp apple and some baguette toasts.

Vegan Sandwich Rolls

Oh the joy of fresh-baked bread! I love making bread, but I find that when we make a loaf, we just slowly devour the whole thing in a day, one slice at a time. Thus, sandwich rolls. For whatever reason, if it’s easy to pack it up and put it away, I’m less likely to…

New Logo

Hey followers of The Tipsy Gnome. We have been working on an updated logo and think we are ready to show you. Please let us know what you think?! Keep an eye out for upcoming merchandise that will include our updated logo. Thanks!    

Garden Photos

Our only sunflower that lived past the sprout stage (slugs got the others)  Ghost Chili peppers     Hop trellis with Cascade, Centennial, and Rainier Hops. We’ll definitely be brewing a fresh hop beer this season.    Tabitha enjoying a morning outdoors   Roma tomatoes. Can’t wait to make marinara sauce.  

Vegan Bacon & Eggs Hot Cereal

This is one of those breakfasts that is perfect for when the fridge and cupboards are a little on the bare side (i.e. I really needed to go grocery shopping this weekend and never made it to the grocery store!) I usually dislike the idea of hot cereal for breakfast because, 1. it always strikes me…

Spring & Summer Catering

Tipsy Gnome’s Cheese Platter served with our rosemary currant crisps. Focaccia Sandwich Platter served with our IPA beer pickles. Champagne Tortellini Salad with Haricot Vert, pistachio, and Parmesan. Lime Basil Cheesecake infused with limoncello. Email us for full menu and quotes for your in-home private event or our personal chef services.

Sour Cream Carob Zucchini Bread

 We’ve been getting zucchini in our produce box every week lately, which is great because we both love zucchini. I was running out of ways to use it creatively though, I admit. I’ve never been a huge fan of zucchini breads, banana breads, etc. So I wanted to make an experimental zucchini bread to see…