Saturday Book Haul

Took a quick peak inside the used book store on Saturday and we came away with some great finds. We’ll definitely be sharing some of the recipes from the vintage cookbooks we picked up. The first book we came across is called Cooking With A Foreign Flavor.


Some of the recipes I’m looking forward to trying are Huckleberry Upside Down Cake, Kartoffel Kloese (Which sounds like a caramelized onion gnocchi,) and Vichyssoise a chilled leek soup.

Next up is a fascinating collection of recipes from the people Hopi Reservation.


I learned about some ingredients I’ve never used in cooking, let alone ever heard of. Such as, Culinary Ashes. These are made by burning the spent vines of bean vines and pods and or corn cobs, often along with hickory would and juniper brush. Almost every recipe in this book includes culinary ashes. We are going to try making our own and we’ll be sure to post how they turn out.


On the topic of cultural cooking, we also picked up a copy of Chico San Cookbook – a guide to traditional oriental cooking of natural and macrobiotic foods.


This book covers everything from making macrobiotic broths, grains, how to use wild grasses, and much more. Here’s a sampling:


Almost bought a copy of this next one on Amazon, but glad I waited. This is a definitive guide to not only preserving your food but extensive plans on how to build root cellars and storage for your preserved foods. We’ll be getting a lot of use out of it.


Some other, non-food related books we came across include a 1913 edition of Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence.


And a few other vintage goodies:




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