Fall Update

It’s been a busy couple months for The Tipsy Gnome, but things are starting to calm down a bit and we’re finally getting to enjoy some of this lovely fall weather here in the northwest and get into the spirit of things with a few fun goodies lined up.

Next Saturday we’ll be attending the much anticipated 2016 Willamette Week’s Pro/Am beer festival. Lots of awesome home-brewing collaborations with favorite area breweries to look forward to. Such as the Jalapeno Cream Ale from Ex Novo and Coalition’s Bretta Persica, a Brett-fermented IPA on nectarines. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all of our tasting notes via Instagram during the event.

Speaking of beer, we’ve got a small-batch home brew up our sleeves to announce. Stay tuned for our seasonal Spiced Wass-ale, a cider infused Amber Ale brewed with a blend of holiday spices.

Lastly, Holy Mushroom Season! As seen in the cover photo for this post and the images below, here’s a nice collection of some of the beautiful fall mushrooms we’ve seen popping up near our home and along the Burnt Bridge Creek trail. While they are yet to be identified, they sure are cool to look at.



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