Sour Cream Carob Zucchini Bread

 We’ve been getting zucchini in our produce box every week lately, which is great because we both love zucchini. I was running out of ways to use it creatively though, I admit. I’ve never been a huge fan of zucchini breads, banana breads, etc. So I wanted to make an experimental zucchini bread to see…

Apple & Brie Salad

It’s been really hot here in WA this past week and it’s only going to get hotter over the next few days. So food that’s refreshing has been on the menu at our house. This salad is a great blend of some of my favorite foods and the dressing is perfect blend of tangy and…

Organics to You

a Here’s this week’s produce box from Organics to You. We received: 1 bunch celery 1 white onion with the stalk 5 carrots 1 bunch rainbow chard 1 bunch kale 3 white peaches 4 plums 2 lbs yellow potatoes 4 zucchini 6 oz shiitake mushrooms 1 carton of strawberries 1 carton grape tomatoes 8oz Rainer…

Broth Day

Emptied out my veggie stock from the freezer to make broth today. Nothing beats the aroma it gives the kitchen. I’ll be using it for Spanish rice later tonight.

Saturday Book Haul

Took a quick peak inside the used book store on Saturday and we came away with some great finds. We’ll definitely be sharing some of the recipes from the vintage cookbooks we picked up. The first book we came across is called Cooking With A Foreign Flavor. Some of the recipes I’m looking forward to…

Sunday Brunch Cheese Plate

Garlic toasts, with Saint Andres triple cream French cheese, slices of D’Anjou pear, drizzled with raw honey. The perfect start to a weekend morning.

Fruit & Honey

Honey glazed pears, blood oranges, and grapefruit. Dusted with cinnamon and clove.


Our continuous home brew. I wonder what it tastes like today?